18 January 2019

Computer scientist Tim Baarslag selected as 'FD Jong Talent'

Dutch newspaper 'Het Financieele Dagblad' has selected computer science researcher Tim Baarslag for the Talent special of its weekend magazine FD Persoonlijk. In the special, FD presents fifty promising young, enterprising talents who are not older than 35. The special will appear on Saturday 19 January.

Tim Baarslag researches negotiation techniques and how they can be used by computers. He graduated cum laude in computer science and mathematics at Utrecht University and obtained his PhD at TU Delft in 2014, after which he worked as a researcher at the University of Southampton and the CWI in Amsterdam. Since December 2018, Baarslag is an assistant professor at the department of computer science at Utrecht University.

Read the special online > (in Dutch)