Acquisition Committee’s Scholarship Fundraising Dinner 2019

On April 3rd, 2019, the Acquisition Committee is organizing a Scholarship Fundraising Dinner for companies and organisations in the Academiegebouw, Utrecht. The event will be a combination of networking opportunities and a fundraising dinner.

Companies, organisations and students who attend the dinner will enjoy a four-course dinner. The companies and organisations will all send two representatives, joined by six UCU students or alumni. The students will change tables between each course. This is how the company representatives will meet 24 different students and alumni in total. On top of that, companies and organisations will also receive the CVs of the participants. 

The fundraising component consists of a financial contribution of all participating parties. As a committee, we are raising funds for our very own UCU Fund in order to provide funds to create opportunities for less privileged students to study at UCU. We are asking all companies to contribute €1,500 for the dinner. All profits will be donated to the UCU Scholarship Fund.

Do you think your company would be willing to participate in the dinner or do you want to attend the dinner as alumna/alumnus, please reach out to