Consultancy by NILOS

NILOS provides legal advice and assistance to governments, non-governmental organisations and companies. NILOS staff has expertise in a wide range of law of the sea issues, such as:

  • the regime of maritime zones
  • maritime boundary delimitation between neighbouring states
  • regional oceans governance
  • the international law relating to the polar regions, fisheries
  • marine scientific research
  • navigational issues
  • protection and preservation of the marine environment
  • conservation of marine biodiversity
  • dispute settlement and litigation

Types of clients NILOS has consulted

  • government ministries and agencies;
  • non-governmental organisations;
  • intergovernmental organisations;
  • law firms; and 
  • companies.

Types of consultancy

  • interpretation and application of rules of international law, including the law of the sea;
  • drafting of treaty texts;
  • drafting of national legislation;
  • drafting of policy documents;
  • providing assistance to states and others in engaging with international bodies; and 
  • legal advice in litigation.

See also specialised teaching and training.