NILOS Moot Court Competition

NILOS Moot Court Competition

The NILOS moot court competition 2022

Welcome to the third edition of the NILOS Moot Court Competition! In light of the uncertainties surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the International Rounds of the 2022 NILOS Moot Court Competition will take place entirely online. The Organising Committee regrets not to be able to welcome you in Utrecht, but we look forward to welcoming you to this year’s exciting online competition. We hope you and your families are all safe and healthy.

Registration for the NILOS moot court competition 2022 is open from 1 October, 2021. For more information, see the Rules of Procedure 2022, the Addendum with supplementary rules that apply to the online sessions, and the Timeline with important deadlines for participating teams.

Case 2022

This year’s Competition Problem, entitled ‘The RV Vilhelmina case’, between the Republic of Freitas vs. the Kingdom of Selden concerns, inter alia, legal issues on the laying of submarine cables, marine scientific research, establishment of outer limits of the continental shelf, port access in the time of a life-threatening pandemic and historic rights.


The NILOS Moot Court Competition is judged by an enthusiastic group of volunteers (both academics and practitioners) with an affinity for law of the sea. We are looking for judges who are available to evaluate and score the written submissions and oral pleadings of the participants during the International Rounds. Due to uncertainties regarding COVID-19, the International Rounds will take place entirely online. This is a great chance to interact with law students and colleagues from around the world!


We are excited to announce that Jus Mundi will be the ‘Official Research Partner' of the 2022 NILOS Moot Court Competition. As part of the partnership, all participating teams will have free access to Jus Mundi Legal Research for the duration of the Competition. An additional one-year free access to Jus Mundi Legal Research will be awarded as Prize to the winner and runner-up teams after the Competition ends.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any query.

Kind regards,

The Organising Committee

About the Competition

The NILOS (Netherlands Institute for the Law of the Sea) Moot Court Competition welcomes universities from all over the world for the first moot court simulating proceedings under Part XV of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea

The moot court simulates proceedings either before the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS), the International Court of Justice (ICJ) or an Annex VII Arbitral Tribunal. The competition is a unique opportunity not only to discuss fascinating issues of the law of the sea, but also to engage with the many procedural facets of international dispute settlement.

About the Organisers

NILOS is an internationally renowned research institute, established in 1984 within the School of Law of Utrecht University. Part of the Utrecht Centre for Water, Ocean and Sustainability Law (UCWOSL) since 2013, NILOS aims at developing and sustaining expertise on the law of the sea and oceans governance, and at enhancing and broadening awareness and knowledge of the law of the sea and oceans governance. Its staff has an extensive expertise in both practicing and teaching the law of the sea and international law, in particular within the Utrecht Master in Public International Law. 

The Organising Committee is composed of:

  • Lan Nguyen, assistant professor of International Law at Utrecht University.
  • Nikolas Giannopoulos, assistant professor of International and European Law at Utrecht University.
  • Solène Guggisberg, senior research associate at NILOS and UCWOSL, Utrecht University.



Coordination, planning, logistics:

Samantha Robb: