Teaching and training by NILOS

Studying international law of the sea in Utrecht

NILOS staff is involved in specialised teaching in the international law of the sea within and outside Utrecht University. The Utrecht University School of Law offers a Master programme in Public International Law with a track ‘Oceans, the Environment and Sustainability’ that provides opportunities for students who wish to specialise in the international law of the sea. In the framework of this Master programme, it is possible to follow the course ‘International Law of the Sea’ and to do an individual research project or a master thesis on a topic of the international law of the sea. Other elements of the Master programme provide students with a solid basis in public international law, which is essential in working with the international law of the sea.

International Law of the Sea Summer School

Since 2017, NILOS offers a one-week summer school ‘Introduction to the international law of the sea’. The 2023 edition has been cancelled. Whether the 2024 edition will go ahead will be decided at a later stage. More information about this summer school can be found on the website of Utrecht Summer School.

Tailor-made courses

NILOS offers tailor-made courses on the law of the sea that can be designed in consultation with the client. Tailor-made courses can provide an introductory overview of key features of the law of the sea, focus on specific issues or regions (e.g. fishing, delimitation or the Arctic) or a combination of these. Since 2016, NILOS offers an annual course on Law of the Sea for diplomats and officials from member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the ASEAN Secretariat (co-organized with the Netherlands Institute of International Relations Clingendael). Tailor-made courses can be given in Utrecht, elsewhere in the Netherlands, in the country of the client, or online.

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Rhodes Academy of Oceans Law and Policy

NILOS participates in the Rhodes Academy of Oceans Law and Policy. The Rhodes Academy is a cooperative undertaking by international law experts and sponsoring universities and institutions.

The Academy entails an intensive, three-week course of study, with lectures by leading jurists, practitioners, and international law faculty from around the world. Although it is a single course of study, the program is divided into two distinct units. The first two weeks focus on the foundations of modern oceans law, recent developments, and an overview of the 1982 United Nations Conference of the Law of the Sea. In the second week, several short courses address specific topics under the rubric of oceans law and policy. The third week typically focuses on an issue of current concern to the international community.

Further information on the Rhodes Academy