Academic staff

Get to know members of the academic staff of Data Science.

Dr. Albert Gatt

Dr. Albert Gatt is teaching Deep Learning. He is a computational linguist with a background in computing, psychology and linguistics. He joined the Natural Language Processing group at UU in 2021. Before that, he was Director of the Institute of Linguistics and Language Technology at the University of Malta. Albert's main research interests lie at the interface between language and non-symbolic information. In particular, he is interested in data-to-text generation systems, which generate linguistic summaries of non-linguistic data, and in multimodal models which integrate textual and visual information (e.g. from images or video) to acquire grounded models of linguistic meaning. A further interest is in multilingual NLP, and especially the development of models for under-resourced languages. Much of Albert's research involves deep neural network architectures. He also brings to bear experimental psycholinguistic methods to address questions related to language production. 

Prof. Arno Siebes

Prof. Arno Siebes is teaching Pattern discovery in Algorithmic Data Analysis. He has a PhD degree in Computer Science from Twente University (1990). He worked at the Dutch National Research Center for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI) from 1985 until 2000. He was one of the co-founders of the data mining company “Data Distilleries”, which by way of SPSS became part of IBM. In 1999 he became a parttime full professor at the Technical University Eindhoven, since 2000 he is fulltime chair of “Algorithmic Data Analysis and full professor at the department of Information and Computing Sciences of Utrecht University. Since 2017 he serves as the scientific director of the national research school SIKS. His recent research is on mining (sets) of patterns. Results of that line of research have been published in top-tier conferences in the field such as ECML PKDD, ICDM, KDD, and SDM, as well as in top journals such as “Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery”.

Prof. Alex Telea

Prof. Alex Telea is teaching Data Visualization. He got his PhD in 2000 in scientific visualization at TU Eindhoven. After that, he worked as assistant professor in visualization (TU Eindhoven, 2000-2007); full professor of multiscale visual analytics (University of Groningen, 2007-2019); and has been a full professor in visual data analytics (Utrecht University, since 2019) where he leads the Visualization and Graphics research group. He has published over 300 peer-reviewed scientific publications and authored "Data Visualization - Principles and Practice" (AK Peters, 2008; CRC Press, 2014), one of the top textbooks used in data visualization education worldwide. His research interests cover visual analytics and information visualization, network and multidimensional data visualization, and image and shape processing, with practical applications in software maintenance and evolution, air traffic control, medical imaging, and explainable artificial intelligence.