Start of the Academic Year 2021-2022


The annual celebration of the start of the academic year of Utrecht University will take place at 6 September 2021. 


About the programme

We want to contribute to tomorrow's society by sharing our knowledge and being open-minded and inspired by our surroundings. After a year dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic, we sincerely hope that the start of the new academic year will be the start of a period in which we can once again meet in person: our students, staff and all the partners with whom we work toward a better future.

Theme and lustrum

During the celebration, President of the Executive Board Anton Pijpers gave a speech addressing the theme Sharing Science, Shaping Tomorrow.

We also devoted attention to the lustrum we are celebrating together with the UMC Utrecht. ‘Creating tomorrow together’ is the motto of our lustrum, and we plan to demonstrate this in the coming months with numerous exciting activities.

Honorary doctorates

In this anniversary year, Utrecht University will award no less than three honorary doctorates to Professor Carlota Perez, Dr Hugo Tempelman and Professor Alcinda Honwana. Each of these three researchers demonstrates in their own way that science is crucial to tackling climate change, pandemics and inequality. These individuals are receiving an honorary doctorate in recognition of the enormous impact of their work on science and society.

Student awards

We also announced the winners of the two student awards. The prize for the Best Master’s Thesis has been awarded to Robin Verstraten. The prize for Exceptional Extracurricular Achievements has been awarded to Daan Roovers and 'The CO2 Assistants'.

Attend this event

The event has been held in hybrid form. This means that a small number of guests was present in the Dom Church, in accordance with the guidelines in force at the time.

It will be possible to view the ceremony live via the livestream.

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