This year, Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht are celebrating 385 years of science in Utrecht. For 385 years we have been working together and with others to create a better world. During this 77th lustrum we invite students, staff and residents of the city of Utrecht to join us in thinking about the future. Because together we will create tomorrow.


Creating tomorrow together with you: ask your question to science

We want to search together for answers to ever new challenges. Together we will come up with solutions to problems in the city. More than ever, we believe in learning together, in connecting questions, experience and knowledge. Because when different worlds come together, unexpected insights and groundbreaking innovations emerge.

Creating tomorrow together with our alumni

We can only create a better world by joining forces. And our Utrecht alumni appear to be particularly good at this. In this anniversary year, we talk to a number of alumni about how they see the future and with whom they are working very hard.


We live, work and study in a difficult time. We are seeing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on residents and business owners in the city. In the hospital and the university, the effects are also far-reaching. We feel it is important to celebrate the anniversary with Utrecht's citizens, staff and students, especially now. To further strengthen our bond with the city of Utrecht in these difficult times.