International conference: Migration and Urban Activism in 20th Century Europe

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Zicht op Rome. Foto: Marco Chilese, via Unsplash

17 to 19 April 2024, Christian Wicke from Political History co-organises the international conference Migration and Urban Activism in 20th Century Europe in Rome.

European cities

Cities are made by people who inhabit them. European cities over the 20th century have been strongly shaped by domestic and international migration as well as urban social movements, civil society action, and political protest of various forms. This conference at the German Historical Institute in Rome is designed to illuminate the historical relations between these two factors in urban history: migration and urban activism. It brings together scholars discussing the history of urban developments subject to activism by migrants, against migrants, and for migrants. These three perspectives shall contribute to a more systematic understanding of important processes in our cities to which European historiography hitherto has paid relatively little attention.

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