Brown Bag Lunch Conversation: On Different Approaches to ‘Care’ and ‘Caring’

Gender, Diversity & Global Justice

Rood hartje op een stokje, vastgehouden door een hand. Foto: Ryan 'O' Niel, via Unsplash

On 16 May, the Gender, Diversity & Global Justice Platform organises the next Brown Bag Lunch Conversation titled ‘On Different Approaches to ‘Care’ and ‘Caring’’.

Care and caring

This Brown Bag Lunch Conversation (BBL) focuses on research into the topic of ‘care’ from two different disciplinary fields and research perspectives. Care, in general, always contains a gendered dimension: be it whether it is about the care division in relationships, or who provides and receives care when needed. Care, too, can then take on varying meanings in different contexts.

Care work exists in the private as well as in the public domain. During this BBL, one research project focuses on care in the public sphere, whereas the other specifically focuses on the private sphere. However, the projects share an overlap in examining the relationship between masculinity and care. 

We are joined by Larisa Riedijk (Social Sciences) and Carl Bonner-Thompson (Geosciences). The first talk during the lunch focuses on the barriers that prevent men from receiving appropriate and timely care after sexual violence and abuse. The project seeks to expose the failures to caring for men who are survivors, and highlights possibilities for developing better care networks.

Second, Larisa Riedijk presents the research she conducts in collaboration with Belle Derks and Ruth van Veelen, where she discusses how major life events affect and can revert the task division in a relationship to a more traditional and less gender-equal model. This research project seeks to boost ways to create more gender-equal care divisions within a relationship.

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Gender, Diversity, and Global Justice Platform

The main aim of the Gender, Diversity and Global Justice Platform is to serve as a platform for stakeholders to (1) access the multidisciplinary expertise of UU scholars in gender, diversity, and processes of in- and exclusion, and (2) to join forces with societal partners in solving complex gender and diversity issues and develop strategies for the implementation of diversity in order to achieve societal inclusion and change.

The Platform is chaired by Linda Senden (Law), Sandra Ponzanesi (Humanities), Alexandra Timmer (Law), Eva Midden (Humanities), and Marielle Zill (Geoscience). The Platform is coordinated by Diana Helmich (Humanities).

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