Our story

UU's motto is "Sharing science, shaping tomorrow". The aim is to work together on tomorrow's solutions with an open mind, open attitude and open science. Universities are becoming more and more directly involved in society. "Crossing boundaries" is a term you often hear. In the past decade, the connection with the outside world has also been sought more and more, especially in education. Initiatives such as community engaged learning and challenge-based learning often involve societal partners, but also business partners. Companies are also important partners in entrepreneurship education. Education that is organised with external partners is referred to as transdisciplinary education.   

There are already various initiatives regarding transdisciplinary education within the UU, and we see their number growing. However, there is no natural connection between these initiatives. They often transcend faculties, sometimes from a hub or strategic theme, sometimes from a USO project or at the level of the University Corporate Offices. 

From our own role in a number of these initiatives, we saw a similar need arising at several places, namely to support lecturers engaged in transdisciplinary education. Moreover, some initiatives are quite similar, but have a different approach, or a different target group. As a result, not all the initiatives and efforts are equally visible and accessible to everyone. These observations and a shared need led to the development of U-Collaborate in Education.   

U-Collaborate in Education is an umbrella structure to which initiatives in transdisciplinary education can turn, if there is a need. The core values are: inspire, connect and facilitate. U-Collaborate in Education does nót organise education. As a partner in the CAT, U-Collaborate has a connecting role in showcasing transdisciplinary education, connecting initiatives and individuals and supporting them where necessary. 

Jan Haarhuis & Fleur Stigter, programma managers U-Collaborate in Education