Educational letter for schools to improve discussion Utrecht shooting

Employees and students of Utrecht University have written an educational letter for elementary schools, ROCs, and MBOs containing advice on how to discuss the Utrecht shooting of March 18th.

The letter has been composed that same night and forwarded around 23.30 in order for schools to utilize the letter as quickly as possible. The team of employees and students are part of the TerInfo project, aimed at improving discussion of terrorism and radicalization at schools.

Sharing knowledge

Among the participants of the initiative is Beatrice de Graaf. She emphasize the fact that the university aspires to share knowledge, especially after impactful events such as the shooting of March 18th. By posting the letter online, the team hopes for more parents and schools to benefit from it.

Do’s and don’ts 

The letter contains advice on how to discuss the shooting in the classroom. The letter provides an overview of do’s and don’ts for teachers, as well as an example of a teaching plan for discussing violent incidents.


TerInfo, the project responsible for the educational letter, is focused on increasing societal resilience towards terrorism in primary and secondary education. An online platform aids teachers in discussing terrorism for different age groups in a telligible, factual, responsible, and uniting way. The offered material (information regarding terrorism and educational material) is developed by UU experts in collaboration with educational professionals and focuses on students from different backgrounds and different age groups.