Study programme

Picture: Tim Vermeire

The full Bachelor's programme takes three years. Each year consists of four blocks of ten weeks and ends with an exam week. In your first year, you will attend an average of 12-18 hours of education per week, taught entirely in English from day one. 

In the first year, you take introductory classes on new media, film, TV, and theatre and performance studies. In the second year, Media and Culture offers a set of four courses in an integrated package called an ‘academic profile’. You can choose between three profiles: 'Screen Cultures in Transition', 'Participatory Cultures: Civic Engagement in Media and Performance' or: 'Critical Data Studies'. 

Teaching methods

During your study programme, you will be exposed to the following forms of teaching: lectures, working groups and project groups. Besides attending lectures and doing group work, you will also spend about 20 hours a week on self-study. Below you can see the distribution of theory, practice, group and individual work in percentages.

Teaching method






Group study


Independent study



Doing an internship is fun and an excellent opportunity to gain practical experience in the area of your study. On top of that, it is a great way to start your professional network. For example, students of our programme did internships at the EYE film museum in Amsterdam, Dutch Game Garden or The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. 

Group size

On average, around 175 students start the Media and Culture Bachelor's programme (Dutch and English) programme each year. In the tutorials, you will sit with approximately 20-25 fellow students. In the first year, the average group size at lectures is a lot higher, because you will follow a number of lectures with students from other study programmes.

Study guidance

You can count on good guidance and personal advice during your studies. We have various employees, such as mentors, tutors and study advisors, who will support you with study-related issues. But they also offer guidance and advice on issues that are not directly related to your study programme.

Binding recommendation regarding the continuation of studies (BSA)

At the end of the first academic year, every student receives binding recommendation regarding the continuation of studies (BSA). You must obtain at least 45 of the 60 credits of the Bachelor's programme in Media and Culture in order to continue your studies.

Studenten op de fiets
Picture: Tim Vermeire