Samuel Ryan, Media and Culture student

Samuel is a student

"In the first term we had course a called Storytelling in Media and Performance and right away I was intrigued about everything that media has to do with. It is not just using phones and watching TV, but also about games and how stories are portrayed."

"Media is so much more than I expected. It is everywhere and I was pleasantly surprised about it. It was during this course that I realised that this programme was the right choice. The course focuses a lot on what you see and read and a better understanding of this. For example, we watched a film and analysed sequencing and the different kinds of shots to eventually get a better understanding of how the story was told."

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"I looked forward most to the seminar classes. During these classes we went in depth about topics such as film in the late 1960s, storytelling regarding dramatic theatre, and whether certain techniques are used more in television today. We usually had a text to read beforehand. In class we would put the topic into a more global or cultural context. For instance, we would discuss how a certain ethnic or cultural group understands a television phenomenon in a different way than a more Western society. In the third term we treated films similarly. We would discuss how they fit into a timeline of how film has developed and what kinds of film there are. We once watched a Russian movie and linked it to Russian propaganda and again, how that fits into a more global perspective.

The programme has a great variety of options to specialise in. In the second year there is a course called Comparative Media Studies, in which you cover different topics like theatre and dance, television and staging. This offers insight into the possibilities for after the studies. It gives you the opportunity to find out what you like most, without pressure. I initially chose the Bachelor’s programme because I was very interested in television and movie production. That is why I am currently learning towards movie production."

Henk Janssen is one of our Media and Culture students

Henk Janssen, student Media en Cultuur

"The Bachelor’s programme in Media and Culture made a good match for my personal interests. It’s a great chance to get to know the world of media and to view it from an academic perspective. For me, the best thing about this Bachelor’s programme is dealing with different topics."

"It’s fun to watch a film which you will discuss and analyse later with your fellow students. This process often gives me food for thought. Of course, you don’t enjoy every subject equally, but that’s only fair. In my case, I’m not at all interested in forms of postmodern theatre."

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"I believe it’s a good thing that you chart your own course as a student. There’s plenty of room for personal initiative if you have to write something or watch something. You’re often able to choose your own topics, which keeps things interesting for yourself. Sometimes, you also have weeks where you need to read or write a lot. From time to time the work is piling up, which can create a heavy study load for a while. But luckily it isn’t all study – you always have some free time to enjoy your student life as well!"

Graduates Lazlo and Dylan Tonk run their own film company

Lazlo en Dylan hebben een eigen filmbedrijf

"After completing the Bachelor’s programme in Media and Culture, we went on to do the Master’s programme in Media and Culture. During this Master’s, we started our own film company, making films for various institutions and organisations."

"We gained an important part of our knowledge through the degree programmes – the interaction between theory and practice was particularly valuable. During both the Bachelor’s and the Master’s, we undertook plenty of activities alongside the formal courses: gaining practical experience through the film study group, visiting television programmes, doing voluntary work at the Holland Film Meeting, organising a dramaturgy debate and doing an internship at a broadcasting company on a voluntary basis.

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"Activities such as these broaden your perspective on your future field of work and allow you to place the theory acquired during your studies in a new light.

Around the time that we graduated, we had already built up a portfolio and a good client network, so we continued the company. To begin with, we also took some other jobs on the side; it was only three years after graduating that we were able to focus our energies full-time on our own company. Now the company has been up and running for some ten years and we’re making films for a wide range of organisations. In addition, we have produced various films that have been screened at the Holland Film Meeting."

Maike van 't Laar, Media and Culture student

Maike van 't Laar was student Media en Cultuur

"I’ve always been a big fan of the theatre. However, as I wanted to be involved in more than just theatre, it was this desire that led me to Media and Culture. It’s a broad-based programme that gives the student a chance to become acquainted with different types of media from an academic perspective. "

"I invest a lot of time in reading and studying. There will always be a whole stack of required reading, but I manage to get through it. This is also thanks to the enthusiastic lecturers and to my fellow students, who are a fun bunch. Although I found the first year a bit superficial in places, the second year – thanks to the courses in my in-depth unit – enable me to focus increasingly on the things I found interesting. You don’t enjoy all subjects equally."

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"I also find it a little difficult that I can’t always fully explain to my aunts and uncles what I’m going to do after graduating.
During the programme, you discover a lot about your own interests. I love learning new things and I also have the feeling that I’m gradually growing smarter. Even though I came from abroad to study in Utrecht all by myself, I’ve really been able to find my place in Utrecht student life.

After this Bachelor’s programme, I certainly aim to do a Master’s, but I have no idea which one. I’ve decided not to worry too much about what I’m going to do afterwards. I’ll just see how things turn out."