Extracurricular opportunities

Do you want to get more out of your studies? Then consider taking part in the Humanities Honours Programme (HHP) for ambitious bachelor's students with a broad range of interests, or choose to follow a second bachelor's programme alongside your studies in Media and Culture and earn two fully-fledged degrees. On this page, you can read all about these options.

Humanities Honours Programme

Studenten op de fiets
Picture: Tim Vermeire

As an honours student, you belong to a community existing of students from various bachelor programmes in the humanities, with whom you will attend discussion sessions on academic books and articles, design and carry out your own project together, make a film, participate in a research group or organize a symposium or lecture.

What will I be doing as an honours student Media and Culture?

You will be studying your own field in depth and exploring beyond its boundaries, becoming acquainted with related Bachelor's programmes in order to broaden your horizon. One part of the program is embedded in your programme, another part is complementary.

You take courses and participate in field trips, projects, traveling, publications, and seminars. Even more, you can partake in international exchange projects, in which you will collaborate with honours students from international partner universities.

Would the honours programme be something for me?

Do you desire specialization within your own field of studies or do you want to expand beyond your own field by incorporating perspectives from other disciplines? Do you have a broad range of interests in the topics of history, art history, media and culture studies, philosophy, religious studies, artificial intelligence, languages, literature, and communication? And do you find societal problems interesting? In that case, HHP might be interesting for you!

Descartes College

If you would also like to take honours courses together with students from all Bachelor's programmes (e.g. not just the humanities, but also science degree programmes), perhaps the Descartes College might appeal to you more. Here, as part of your honours programme, you will take interdisciplinary honours courses and meet students and lecturers from all degree programmes.

Picture: Tim Vermeire