Dr. E.E. (Ed) Moret

Associate Professor
Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery

"Working in the field of innovative medicines is a win-win situation"


Associate Professor of Computational Medicinal Chemistry at Utrecht University. Managing Director of the Utrecht Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences. Member Departmental Executive Board. Chair of the Board of Examiners of the School of Pharmacy.

Remdesivir monophosphate is linked to the growing RNA chain by the RdRp enzyme from SARS-CoV2. Pyrophoshate is spliced off, on the right. Magenta Mg2+ ions.

Comparison of endogenous peptide (Leu-enkephalin) with a plant alkaloid (morphine) and the smallest chemical structure with similar activity (pethidine).

Substrate folate (blue) in the active site of Dihydrofolate reductase (yellow), with cofactor NADPH below (magenta).

Docking, with Autodock, of a steroid to an antibody to predict the binding site.

Poster on IT in education