Dr. Jasmijn van Harten

Dr. Jasmijn van Harten

Associate Professor
Organisation Science

Jasmijn van Harten is associate professor at the Utrecht University School of Governance (USG). She is Director of Education Master and Education for Professionals (incl. Executive Masters) at USG. As academic consultant she is involved in consultancy projects and commissioned research at USG Consultancy. 


In her research Jasmijn examines management and organization of individuals' employability and well-being. Questions she studies are for example: how can employers and employees invest in workers' development, motivation and well-being and what are the benefits or 'return on investments'? And how can line managers take into account their employees' characteristics and needs when boosting sustainable employability? She has published several articles and book chapters on these issues, for instance a recent systematic literature review on employability in European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology (open access) and a special issue on HRM and employability in the International Journal of HRM. She co-authored a review study on HRM in the public sector (open access). Also the impact of hybrid working on management employer-employee relationships is part of Jasmijn's research, see for instance a video on the future of hybrid working (currently only available in Dutch). 


Jasmijn also supervises several PhD research projects. These projects involve the ways in which employees' well-being, employability and performance can be boosted through HRM and leadership. Two PhD projects particularly focus on how employers can stimulate sustainable employment of people with disabilities. 

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