Data and sample request for research projects

The Stranding Research, as part of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Utrecht University (UU), welcomes researchers to use the data and sample archives in as many ways as possible for scientific and educational purposes. Proposals for research involving data, or the (destructive or nondestructive) use of samples, should be submitted by email or in writing to project manager Dr. L.L. IJsseldijk.

We ask all researchers to provide at least the following information:

  • Information on the type of the requested data or samples (species, number, size, storage, use of samples, etc.);
  • A brief abstract of the project or study (max. 300 words), including aim(s) and information on the analytical methods/techniques;
  • A proposed timeline and planning, with clearly stated deadlines;
  • The foreseeable outcome, e.g., this can be an online report or scientific publication.

Next steps
All proposals will be evaluated with regard to scientific merit, technical feasibility and the availability of specimens and data. Where deemed necessary, the request will be discussed with the project commissioners (most often this is the Dutch government). For positive evaluated proposals, a Material Transfer Agreement will be set up, to ensure that the needs of all parties involved are properly met.

Note that for samples of most marine mammal species, appropriate CITES-permits need to be obtained before material can be released.