Intelligent Systems

Intelligent Systems group studies intelligent systems in both fundamental and application-oriented ways, with a special focus on intelligent agents and multi-agent systems.

Our Research

We focus on four areas of agent technology:

  • Autonomy and Decision making
  • Emotions and Rationality
  • Interaction design for multi-agent systems 
  • Communication and Cooperation in multi-agent systems
  • Norms and Control in multi-agent systems
  • Reasoning and Argumentation in multi-agent systems
  • Adaptive Agents and multi-agent learning
Intelligent Autonomous Systems


The group is involved in the Dutch-language bachelor programme Informatica (computer science), the Dutch-language bachelor programme Kunstmatige Intelligentie (artificial intelligence) and the English-language master programme Artificial Intelligence.

In our ISIS research seminar, group members, AI master students and visiting researchers regularly present their research.


As a group, we are always interested in research collaborations on all themes related to intelligent systems; both with research institutes as well as companies. Please contact us if you want to discuss opportunities for collaboration.