Intelligent Systems

The Intelligent Systems group studies intelligent systems in both fundamental and application-oriented ways, with a special focus on intelligent agents and multi-agent systems.

Our Research

We focus on the following areas of agent technology:

  • Autonomy and Decision making
  • Emotions and Rationality
  • Interaction design for multi-agent systems 
  • Communication and Cooperation in multi-agent systems
  • Norms and Control in multi-agent systems
  • Reasoning and Argumentation in multi-agent systems
  • Adaptive Agents and multi-agent learning
Intelligent Autonomous Systems


The group is involved in the Dutch-language bachelor programme Informatica (computer science), the Dutch-language bachelor programme Kunstmatige Intelligentie (artificial intelligence) and the English-language master programme Artificial Intelligence.

In our ISIS research seminar, group members, AI master students and visiting researchers regularly present their research.


As a group, we are always interested in research collaborations on all themes related to intelligent systems; both with research institutes as well as companies. Please contact us if you want to discuss opportunities for collaboration.

Intelligent Systems is one of the research groups of the division Intelligent Software Systems within the department of Information and Computing sciences.