Glass Workshop

The Glass Workshop makes all laboratory glassware, by means of cold and warm processing of various types of glass and ceramics:

  • Borosilicate; from cooler to reaction vessel, also silvered
  • Quartz glass; cuvettes for optical measurements, UV-VIS measurements and sintering of materials under high temperature
  • Optical glass such as quartz and BK7; optical windows, equipment for laser or magnetic measurements and the like.
  • Soft glass; electrodes, measuring cells for the measurement such as fluid flow, freezing point, and so on
  • Ceramics; oven tubes, spacers, measuring torque tubes

No job too small or too complex!

The Glass Workshop uses the following techniques and equipment:

  • Ultrasonic milling and drilling on a DMG DM-US50
  • Glass grinding bank for cylindrical grinding of threads and spiral grooves for quartz and ceramic furnace tubes
  • TS4 saw for the accurate cutting of X and Y axis
  • Diamond saw 2x
  • Belt grinder (wet)
  • Drill for diamond tools
  • Round grinding lathe (optical and cold processing)
  • Glass lathe (hot glass processing) 3x
  • Carborundum-free surface grinding and polishing apparatus
  • Mitutoyo surface roughness tester
  • UV setup for special adhesive constructions
  • Sand blast booths for matting and marking of glass
  • Cutter for creating templates and names

The Glass Workshop is located at the end of the large hall in the Caroline Bleeker Building. We work for the university, but also for university-related institutes, such as TNO, FOM, UMC, KIWA, etc. We are happy to work for anyone, so please feel free to contact us.


Caroline Bleekergebouw, Room 032 - 036
T 030 253 4026 / 030-253 6889