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12 April 2019
Brepols Publishers recently published 'Cinema Changes: Incorporations of Jazz in the Film Soundtrack', a book by Emile Wennekes.
27 February 2019
Five out of six ICON research groups scored ‘very good’ on research quality. The quality of the Gender Studies group was even rated ‘excellent’.
13 December 2018
In October Routledge published 'The Instant Composers Pool and Improvisation Beyond Jazz', a book by Dr Floris Schuiling.
12 November 2018
In November Boydell & Brewer published 'Piety and Polyphony in Sixteenth-Century Holland. The Choirbooks of St Peter’s Church, Leiden', a book by Eric Jas. 
A historical painting from Hasht Behesht palace, Isfahan, Iran, from 1669. Source: Wikimedia
5 October 2018
Dr Mohsen Mohammadi has won a Certificate of Merit for his PhD dissertation on the impact of recording on music of Iran.




E.g., 09/21/2019
Richard Hageman (Leeuwarden, 9 juli 1881 - Beverly Hills, 6 maart 1966) was een Nederlands-Amerikaans componist, pianist en acteur. Bron: Wikimedia
24 October 2019 16:15 - 18:00
Kathryn’s talk will focus on Hageman’s film scores which both embody the conventional practice of Hollywood film scoring and depart from it in distinctive ways.