Advances in Speech and Music Technology: Computational Aspects and Applications

Emile Wennekes et al.

Omslag van het boek 'Advances in Speech and Music Technology' (2023)

‘Advances in Speech and Music Technology: Computational Aspects and Applications’, edited by Professor of Musicology: Music and Media Emile Wennekes, Anupam Biswas (National Institute of Technology Silchar), Alicja Wieczorkowska (Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology) en Rabul Hussain Lasker (National Institute of Technology Silchar) was published late January. The book presents advances in speech and music in the domain of audio signal processing.

Developments in speech and music

‘Advances in Speech and Music Technology’ features introductory chapters on the basics of speech and music, and then proceeds to computational aspects of speech and music, including music information retrieval and spoken language processing.

The authors discuss how a deep understanding of both speech and music in terms of perception, emotion, mood, gesture, and cognition is essential for successful application. Also discussed is the overwhelming amount of data that has been generated across the world that requires efficient processing for better maintenance, retrieval, indexing and querying and how machine learning and artificial intelligence are most suited for these computational tasks.