The Developmental Biology division is home to four research groups, each with their own research focus.

Van den Heuvel group

Research topics in our group include asymmetric cell division, the control of cell-cycle entry, and the regulation of differentiation vs. proliferation. C. elegans is the main model system used for these studies, with less frequent use of mammalian tissue culture systems.

Boxem group

Our group addresses the establishment of cell polarity through a combination of systematic protein interaction mapping and in vivo studies in C. elegans.

Schulz group

Our group addresses basic questions regarding the control of spermatogonial stem cell divisions in Zebrafish, as well as applied questions on the reproduction of commercial fish including Salmon and Cod.

The group

Our group studies the regulation of cell proliferation vs. differentiation in collaboration with the group of Sander van den Heuvel.