Criteria for participation

  1. You are aged between 20 and 40 and working or studying at Utrecht University / UMC Utrecht / Hubrecht Institute / Princess Maxima Center for Pediatric Oncology.
  2. You think you can explain a scientific concept in just three minutes
  3. You are available to participate during:
    • The training sessions 
    • One of the heats
    • The Breaking Science Final
  4. You will commit yourself for the whole process (training, heat, final).
  5. You are able to motivate what you are hoping to gain (professionally or personally).
  6. You will raise awareness for this competition (invite friends/family/colleagues).

If there are more applicants than the maximum amount of contestants, candidates will be selected based on their motivation (see application form).

Unfortunately, we cannot except:

People who are already working professionally in public engagement with science, including:

  • Press or PR officers
  • Artists who work on science-related themes
  • Performers whose shows are about science or engineering
  • Science centre staff who work exclusively or mainly with the public
  • Journalists and broadcasters (as their main or only job)
  • Non-specialist teachers