The interactive demonstration below is part of the article "A nasal advantage in interocular competition".

This demo visualises how a nearby occluder is always situated in a temporal visual hemifield, while a distant fixated object is situated in a nasal visual hemifield.
By moving the viewer left and right, and the occluder nearer and further, various situations (i.e. viewing angles) can easily be recreated.
The labeled crosshairs for the left and right eye will remain pointed at the fixated object.
We specifically point out how there is always larger part of the distant fixated object in the nasal visual hemifield (of either eye), when a nearby object partly occludes the fixated object.
Given this fact, it would be adaptive to boost the information in the nasal visual hemifields during interocular competition.

Click on the demo first to activate.
A & D to move the Viewer left and right
W & S to move the brick column away or closer
F & N to fixate on Far (yellow cube) or Near (brick column) object.

Display info:
On the left and right, the respective eye's view is shown (as labeled).
Below a birds eye view is displayed, showing the Viewer (red) and the objects.