SPIN: Financial Risk Assessment with Network Analysis

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The SPIN project is a collaboration between researchers from Utrecht University and data scientists from ING focused on advancing the bank's performance at identifying financial risk.  

Financial crime can be very complex, oftentimes involving multiple parties. Uncovering networks of risky financial activity comes with many challenges due to the great complexity and scale of financial networks, the enormous range of genuine, legitimate behaviors, and not lastly due to the sophisticated schemes that are used to cover up criminal activities.

The core expertise that Utrecht University contributes to this project is in the domain of network analysis. Anomaly detection in static as well as dynamic financial networks is one of our core research directions, in addition to our work in related areas such as financial entity resolution and synthetic financial network generation.  


dr. Ioana Karnstedt-Hulpus, Assistant Professor
Vahid Shahrivari, PhD Student 

Academic supervisor

Yannis Velegrakis