The AI Lab for Sustainable Finance brings together researchers, professionals, students and entrepreneurs in the area of data science, AI and finance, all committed to working towards robust, sustainable and future-proof financial practices.

Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science in general can tap into the hidden knowledge contained in the massive datasets of financial data. Combining this expertise with deep scientific knowledge of financial markets, products and investments enables us to develop valuable insights and approaches to advance sustainability performance across the financial sector. In a truly multidisciplinary approach, the AI Lab for Sustainable Finance involves researchers from the Faculty of Science (Department of Information and Computing Sciences), the Mathematical Institute, the Utrecht School of Economics (USE), the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance, and the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

The Lab focuses on a number of topics of key importance to modernising critical financial services towards a more sustainable future. Our focus is on ensuring that the results of financial AI algorithms are transparent, trustworthy, explainable and free from bias. Furthermore, we investigate how the maintenance and exploitation of datasets, collected at an increased rate and in an often unorganised manner, can become more sustainable.

Our topics include, but are not limited to: 

  • Customer understanding and Anomaly Detection to support Sustainable Anti-Money laundering solutions and fraud detection
  • Collective exploitation of data of different nature, derived from independent and often highly heterogeneous sources
  • Intelligent Risk Management and Accurate Crisis Prediction
  • Transition of Finance into a Sustainable Future
  • Intelligent, Optimal and Informative Asset Allocation
  • Data Quality for Reliable Predictions