Teacher dashboards to support primary school students’ SRL skills

Student working on an assigment

Developing self-regulation skills is essential for learners. Self-regulated learning (SRL) refers to a student's ability to understand and control their learning environment. Self-regulation abilities include goal setting, self- monitoring, self-instruction, and self-reinforcement.

Students don't develop these skills by themselves: teachers and technologies can play a critical role. Many children in primary schools practice math using adaptive learning technologies. Even though these technologies support learners by adapting the difficulty of problems, the students are still required to monitor accuracy and select the appropriate level of effort. Teachers therefore still play an integral role in supporting students’ development of SRL. For teachers, it is often difficult to accurately monitor students’ regulation during learning and the development of SRL over time.

In this project, we will offer teachers visualisations of students’ regulation processes. We will examine whether the dashboards enhance teachers’ instruction and feedback practices, and whether that in turn will lead to increased student learning and SRL skills. The project concerns the interplay between support offered to students by technology and teachers, and therefore is of high relevance both for development of educational technology and for teachers’ practices in supporting students’ SRL skills.