About the AI in Education Lab

Education is in need of innovation. The development of new technologies based on the application of Human-centered AI methods holds promises for solving many of the problems that teachers, students, parents, and other stakeholders of the educational process have. In the AI in Education (AIED) Lab, we investigate how Artificial Intelligence and Data Science can help make learning and assessment more effective, adaptive and accurate.

  • How can we better understand the skills and needs of every learner?
  • How can we foster their interest and motivation?
  • How can we deliver individually-optimised instruction at scale?
  • How can we help teachers with mundane tasks and empower their decision making?
  • How can we ensure that such innovation is implemented in a mindful, ethical manner?

These and other related questions are at the focus of our work.

Our mission

The mission of this lab is to unite researchers and practitioners to design, develop, evaluate and deploy AI-enabled educational software that is not only innovative, but also practical and efficient.


This lab contributes to the activities of the working group on AI in Education of the Dutch AI coalition and the SURFNet AIED community.

Collaboration with AI in Education Lab

There are various ways in which you can collaborate with our Lab:

  • R&D: collaborative development of innovative AIED technologies
  • Valorisation: application of technologies developed in the Lab in real life scenarios
  • Educational experiments: organisation of qualitative and quantitative user studies evaluating your products and statistical analysis of their results
  • Data analysis: data mining studies over the data sets collected by your organisation
  • Expertise: advice on the application of AIED technologies
  • Student projects:
    • Master’s or Bachelor’s thesis projects
    • Software projects with large groups of CS bachelor students
    • PhD theses


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