Good Governance in Sport

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Published today: Good Governance in Sport (Routledge) edited by Arnout Geeraert and Frank van Eekeren. In this book, various researchers reflect on the complexity and nuances of good governance in sport organisations. More than ever, there is a need for quality in sports governance and policy, both from the perspective of management and of ethics, inclusiveness, integrity and safety. Good Governance offers an excellent starting point for this.

The authors not only go into theoretical perspectives on leadership, value, feminism, culture and systems but also make practical recommendations for reform strategies, compliance policies, ethical codes and integrity systems. The new Code for Good Sports Governance recently presented by NOC*NSF is already a good example of this.

Good Governance. Critical reflections is also available free of charge and in open access, courtesy of Utrecht University.

Good Governance in Sport. Critical reflections

‘This book fills an important gap in the sport governance literature by engaging in critical reflection on the concept of ‘good governance’. It examines the theoretical perspectives that lead to different conceptualisations of governance and, therefore, to different standards for institutional quality.

It explores the different practical strategies that have been employed to achieve the implementation of good governance principles.

The first part of the book aims to shed light on the complexity and nuances of good governance by examining theoretical perspectives including leadership, value, feminism, culture and systems.

The second part of the book has a practical focus, concentrating on reform strategies, from compliance policies and codes of ethics to external reporting and integrity systems. Together, these studies shed important new light on how we define and understand governance, and on the limits and capabilities of different methods for inducing good governance.

With higher ethical standards demanded in sport business and management than ever before, this book is important reading for all advanced students and researchers with an interest in sport governance and sport policy, and for all sport industry professionals looking to improve their professional practice.'

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Good Governance. Critical reflections. Arnout Geeraert and Frank van Eekeren (eds.) is available in print and open access.

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