Talking to someone about personnel or ombuds-related matters

If you have questions or reports about workrelated matters as an employee, it is important not to keep it to yourself. We advise you to discuss this with your manager. You can also contact the Ombudspersons Staff (Confidential Advisors Staff) for a confidential conversation and personal advice on e.g. assessments, career moves, the relationship with your manager, working conditions, cooperation with colleagues, appointments and contracts, or other work-related issues.

Unsure where to turn? Don't hesitate to contact one of the people mentioned or other confidential advisors. You will always be helped. Whoever you ask, we will always help you find the best person to talk to.

Ombudspersons Staff (Confidential Advisors Staff)

What can I expect if I get in contact?

The Ombudsperson Staff (Confidential Advisor Staff) is neutral, stands between the parties and advises or mediates if necessary. Any follow-up to a report will only be undertaken with your permission and the information given will always be treated confidentially. 


There are two Ombudspersons Staff (Confidential Advisors Staff): Annemieke Meijer and Frans Pieter Sprik. You can contact them directly if you would prefer to speak to someone specifically, or send an email to the email address that they both read.

Are you an employee and do you have a question about practical HR or work-related topics? Then please check the intranet.

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