Sustainability in operations

Utrecht University is working towards a campus where sustainability is seen, felt and experienced by all. By building and renovating in a circular way, increasing biodiversity on campus, reducing energy consumption and obtaining energy from renewable sources, the university is working on a sustainable campus.

We link sustainability knowledge from education and research to business operations. And we leverage our own operations and our buildings and grounds by providing an environment for scientific research. We focus on three Sustainable Development Goals: Responsible Consumption and Production (SDG 12), Climate Action (SDG 13) and Life on Land (SDG 15).


Utrecht University aims to be climate neutral by 2030. Every year since 2014, the university has published the greenhouse gas emissions caused by its activities. The total CO2 emissions in 2022 were 30,680 tonnes. 

CO2 footprint

In 2022, we took these steps:

Zero Waste
Co2 neutral