Measuring impact

What makes some public engagement activities good public engagement, what works, what doesn't, and how can you measure that? Below is an overview of some useful resources if you plan to evaluate your science communication.

Impactlab Toolbox [in Dutch]. Impactlab consists of researchers Anne Land of Leiden University, Madelijn Strick of Utrecht University and Ward Peeters of both universities. The Dutch Research Agenda asked them to develop a toolbox for researchers, bringing together existing measuring instruments from the social sciences and developing new ones to enable researchers to assess the impact of their science communication. For now, the toolbox is only available in Dutch, but an English version will be made available in due course.

Some questions on measuring impact. Some questions and answers on measuring the impact of public engagement activities, including a video on an impact measurement at Betweter Festival and a few simple examples.

Evaluation Toolkit of Queen Mary University in London. A comprehensive toolkit with lots of examples and set ups to make measuring plans for many different kinds of public activities.