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Niko Wanders
Wednesday 4 February 2015
Promovendus Niko Wanders concludeert in twee publicaties dat de rol van de mens in wereldwijde droogte sterk varieert van positief tot negatief.
Monday 19 January 2015
Large, established car manufacturers influence policy on sustainable cars. PhD candidate Joeri Wesseling explains how to deal with this.
Friday 16 January 2015
Biomass production may indirectly cause changes such as deforestation and higher greenhouse gas emission. Research indicates this can be avoided.
Tuesday 13 January 2015
Last spring’s warm weather may result in higher tree-pollen concentrations in spring 2015, and so trigger more severe hay fever symptoms.
Monday 15 December 2014
Smart agricultural practices and an extensive grain-trade network enabled the Romans to thrive in the water-limited environment of the Mediterranean.