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Future Deltas
Wednesday 1 July 2015
Strengthening interdisciplinary research yielding new insights and innovative solutions to deal with challenges in deltas worldwide
Bron: NASA
Wednesday 24 June 2015
Under certain circumstances Mars contains meltwater, which causes debris flows to occur at Earth-like frequencies and magnitudes, concludes Tjalling de Haas.
Monday 22 June 2015
Cyclists in the Netherlands live on average six months longer than their non-biking counterparts, researchers found.
Rhine Meuse Delta  (USGS/NASA Landsat)
Thursday 18 June 2015
Scientists from Utrecht and Vietnam are working closely together to identify the causes of subsidence of the Mekong Delta.
Wednesday 10 June 2015
More than one hundred and twenty researchers from Utrecht University gathered during the Urban Futures: Climate and Resources Sustainability Symposium.