News Faculty of Geosciences

Wentao Huang
Monday 13 April 2015
PhD research by Utrecht University’s Wentao Huang shows that the Himalayan continental collision began 52 million years ago.
Jorien Vonk
Wednesday 8 April 2015
Permafrost thaw causes a positive feedback loop and accelerates global warming, Jorien Vonk concludes in Nature.
Piet Hoekstra
Wednesday 18 March 2015
Effective 1 March 2015, Piet Hoekstra has been appointed dean of the Faculty of Geosciences by the Executive Board of Utrecht University.
Koen Frenken
Tuesday 10 March 2015
Innovation scientist Koen Frenken awarded a €1.5 million grant for research into the evolution of innovation
Rhine Meuse Delta  (USGS/NASA Landsat)
Monday 9 March 2015
Dr. Esther Stouthamer initiated the Future Deltas research programme, one of Utrecht University’s eleven research focus areas.