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Tuesday 18 November 2014
The FIRES project (Financial and Institutional Reform for the Entrepreneurial Society) received a grant of 2.5 million euros from the European Union.
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Thursday 23 October 2014
Healthy Urban Living is one of Utrecht University’s three sustainability themes. This research programme is led by Martin Dijst and Bert Brunekreef.
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Thursday 9 October 2014
For his impressive share in magnetostratigraphy, prof. dr. Cor Langereis is awarded the Van Waterschoot van der Gracht medal.
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Monday 29 September 2014
The AESOP conference, one of the biggest European conferences on Spatial Planning, took place in the Netherlands this year.
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Friday 29 August 2014
Water scarcity is not a problem just for the developing world, but reduction of water scarcity is possible by 2050.