Teaching environment

The Governance Lab Utrecht (GLU) supports governance education programs of Utrecht University at the graduate and undergraduate level. The multi-purpose research facility of the lab supports student projects studying governance innovations.

Examples of such projects can be found in the Young Innovators honors program, in executive education, but also in the regular bachelor’s and master’s programs at Utrecht School of Governance and other departments.

Students interested in using experimental methods in their group project, BSc. or MSc. thesis, can contact the GLU. The GLU intends to strengthen teaching by offering specialized research facilities and expertise and by connecting students to ongoing experimental research projects.

Physical lab
Over the summer of 2019, the physical lab space of the USG Governance Lab is being prepared. Based on a number of sessions with GLU stakeholders, one design for the GLU was chosen. The main goal is that the lab space has to be adaptable with very little effort to the specific needs of the users. This space will be multifunctional with the purpose of hosting classical experiments, innovation and design sessions, simulations and innovative teaching projects.