Partners Governance Lab Utrecht

The Governance Lab Utrecht has established strategic local and international partnerships and particularly collaborates with a number of international labs. Governance Lab Utrecht is always looking out to build partnerships and expanding our relationship with others.

Current partners of Governance Lab Utrecht are the following:

De Waag Society
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Institute for art, science and technology and a pioneer in the field of digital media.

University of Melbourne, The Policy Lab
Melbourne, Australia
Launched in 2016, it works on public policy design experiments and policy-relevant research.

KING: Designing Local Government for the Information Society
The Governance Lab Utrecht has started a collaboration with KING. This collaboration entails a dialogue and design process that aims to generate ideas and concepts for local governments in an information society. We will organize a series of meetings with various experts and collaborate with designers to develop interesting ideas. The main objective of this process is to stimulate the discussion about the role of local governments in an information society and to provide them with ideas and suggestions that can help them to fulfill this role adequately. Koos Beumer works on this project as a research assistant and Maike Popma is the coordinator for KING. Please contact Albert Meijer for more information.