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Training new generations of scientist-practitioners and scholars

We teach developmental psychology and its applications to bachelor, academic master, and research master students. Graduates of our programs have state of the art scientific knowledge of both typical and problematic development. They can apply this knowledge in professional fields including (but not limited to) youth mental health care, education, and policy. Moreover, we contribute to interdisciplinary teaching within our faculty and university. Our lecturers are leading scientific experts and/or experienced scientist-practitioners who share dedication to inspirational, high-quality teaching. We also contribute to post-academic education of clinical child and youth psychologists and school psychologists (e.g., as offered by the Dutch RINO institutes). We make use of contemporary teaching methods and facilities to ensure active learning and lively interaction among students and lecturers. We train our PhD candidates to grow as academics who are able to develop independent programs of research, while working collaboratively with others and being supportive of a healthy academic ecosystem.


A trainee Developmental Psychology can be of added value for your organisation. Would you like to know more about options for internships within the master program Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, please contact the internship coordinator via