Aardbol met gekleurde handen

Knowledge that makes a difference

Today’s young people face major societal challenges, including social inequality, political polarization, and climate change. How can we build a society that addresses these challenges by supporting youth’s mental health, well-being, and critical thinking? How can we foster truly inclusive environments that afford youth equal opportunities to learn and grow as individuals? How can we help youth to contribute to society and behave in eco-friendly ways? We use our expertise to inform and help address important societal challenges involving youth.

Our approach aligns with principles outlined in the Dutch National Research Agenda, and fits with Utrecht University’s Dynamics of Youth strategic theme. Our work also advances youth interventions and policy in close collaboration with societal partners (e.g., youth mental health institutions, municipalities, academic workplaces, and community centers). With these partners, we aim to create synergy and impact. Thus, in our work, ‘basic’ and ‘applied’ research approaches are fundamentally interwoven.