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Johan Jeuring
29 January 2015
A ‘serious game’ developed at Utrecht University helps health care professionals communicate more effectively with people suffering from complex health problems
28 January 2015
The new Utrecht University website is launched, so what has changed?
26 January 2015
This volume explores the way governments endeavoured to build and maintain public support for the war in Afghanistan.
17 January 2015
In order to improve the care for children with language impairment, the EU has granted a subsidy to a consortium in which Prof. Ellen Gerrits participates.
16 January 2015
Biomass production may indirectly cause changes such as deforestation and higher greenhouse gas emission. Research indicates this can be avoided.
Antiek aardewerk uit de collectie van het Universiteitsmuseum
9 January 2015
The Archeolab project has received funding from the K.F. Hein Fonds.
open access
8 January 2015
The VSNU have reached an agreement with the publisher Springer on Open Access publishing for (corresponding) authors in 2015 and 2016.
Caramay Schmelzer wins Eisenhower Thesis Prize 2014
5 January 2015
Caramay Schmelzer’s thesis addressed the question why the US in 2001 rejected a verification protocol for the Biological Weapons Convention.
Middeleeuws mozaiek, San Vitale, Ravenna, foto Wikimedia Commons/The Yorck Project
8 December 2014
The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation has award a research prize (Forschungspreis) to Prof. Mayke de Jong, Professor of Medieval History.
26 November 2014
Jos van Strijp en Jeroen den Hertog research exactly how MRSA bacteria (hospital bacteria) cause infections at a molecular level.
Utrechts Psalter
24 November 2014
The Utrecht Psalter, which is currently owned by the Utrecht University Library, has been nominated for UNESCO's Memory of the World Register.
Geldboom ©
18 November 2014
The FIRES project (Financial and Institutional Reform for the Entrepreneurial Society) received a grant of 2.5 million euros from the European Union.
EUscreen, beeld
30 October 2014
The new and improved EUscreen portal offers free online access to thousands of items from audiovisual archives.
Coloring Book app - Digital Humanities Lab
21 October 2014
The Digital Humanities Lab developed an app to perform linguistic research on language acquisition.
Literair Vertalen
20 October 2014
The European Commission has made € 277,482 available for the two-year project Petra-E.