Redevelopment Hugo R. Kruyt Building

View of the Hugo R. Kruyt building

The Hugo R. Kruyt Building is located in the Utrecht Science Park and was built in the early 1970s. The building consists of four blades with a central core and has nine floors, making it a striking feature on the campus.

Currently, three of the four blades are in use. The building houses half of the experimental research of the Faculty of Science and Utrecht Inc (start-ups). It is mainly used as a lab building. 

The building is in need of a comprehensive renovation. From the technical areas to the façade and the energy performance, everything needs a major update. Several major maintenance projects are currently underway in the building. In this way, the university is safeguarding the continuity of research and education prior to and during the redevelopment. 


The redevelopment of the Kruyt building is part of the University's Strategic Housing Plan. The redevelopment provides Utrecht University with future-proof accommodation for experimental research in Material Sciences and Life Sciences. 


The project is still in the initial phase, the so-called initiation phase. Discussions are currently being held with the Faculty of Science about their vision of the future accommodation for research and education. In addition, the plans are being further elaborated. We are looking at what is needed to make the redevelopment possible and what the building will look like. 

More information

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