Moving the Evolution Garden

Real Estate and Campus works on creating an attractive and vital campus for students, researchers and other users of the USP. One of the ways to achieve this is to use "green" as a connecting element. Relocating the Evolution Garden is one of the projects that contributes to this goal. The relocation of the Evolution Garden will, among other things, provide a better green connection between the Northwest cluster and the center of the Utrecht Science Park.

Unique design

The relocation of the Evolution Garden will not only provide a better green connection but also gives the opportunity to completely redesign the garden. The garden will have a unique design based on fractals: mathematical patterns that constantly repeat themselves (independent of scale) and that can be found everywhere in nature. In this way the Evolution Garden will be the first garden in the world to show the infinite process of evolution.

The illustration below shows the design of the terrain (with the fractals in yellow).

How will we realize it?

The realization of the Evolution Garden requires various works; both below ground and above ground. Below ground, the infrastructure will be constructed for, among other things, the lighting, so that the garden will be clearly visible. Above ground, paths will be made and trees will be planted.

Possible inconvenience

The presence of machinery and mud may cause inconvenience. In addition, the accessibility of old and new Evolution Garden is reduced during the period of the work.

The image below shows the work area of the Evolution Garden. 


The work is divided into three phases. Below is the global schedule these three phases, Changes and possible overrun reserved.

Phase 1: March 21 - June 13

  • Setting up the work area
  • March 28: start of excavation (duration: 25 days)
  • 11 April: placement of deck bridges and weirs
  • 12 April - 13 June: laying of paths

Phase 2: 27 May - 20 July

  • Start of underground work
  • June 2: start construction of concrete pavement (duration: 25 days)

Phase 3: May/June

  • Completion of the work
  • Installation of lighting

More information

Do you have questions about this project? Then send an e-mail to We'll be happy to help.