16 May 2019

Walter Immerzeel appointed as Professor of Mountain Hydrology

As of 1 May, Walter Immerzeel has been appointed as Professor of Mountain Hydrology. With his appointment, Immerzeel will further strengthen interdisciplinary research, education and international collaboration in mountain regions across the globe.

Walter Immerzeel

The impact of global warming on glaciers and mountain water resources is of great societal concern. The chair ‘Mountain Hydrology’ will focus on three research lines. Firstly the fundamental understanding of the high altitude water cycle will be increased. Secondly the link between mountain water resources, climate change and downstream demand will be investigated. And finally Immerzeel and his team will study mountain natural hazards associated to extreme weather and topography.

This requires an interdisciplinary and holistic approach and Immerzeel’s research has a high potential impact for society and contributes to the Utrecht University research theme Pathways to Sustainability.

About Walter Immerzeel

Walter Immerzeel obtained his PhD in 2008 at Utrecht University worked and lived in Nepal for two years. At Utrecht University, he successfully built his own research group partly funded by NWO and the European Union. He is a leading scientist on the interface of mountain hydrology, glaciology and climate change with a particular focus on high mountain Asia. He works across different spatial scales: from small mountain glacier to large river basins and he combines field observations at high altitude, drones, satellite remote sensing and simulation models to understand  the water towers of the world.

Also take a look at the video portrait of Immerzeel. For the full documentary please visit our YouTube channel.