Virologist Daniel Hurdiss receives Beijerinck Premium

Virologist Daniel Hurdiss has been awarded the Beijerinck Premium. He studies the three-dimensional structure of virus proteins: how viruses enter host cells, hijack them and escape again. A sum of €25,000 is attached to the premium.

Hurdiss and his team mapped different structures of viruses and the interaction between virus receptors. This involved cryo-electron microscopy, a freezing technique that allows biomolecules to be studied at an unprecedented level of detail. With this knowledge, virus inhibitors can be improved by enabling small molecules and biological drugs to identify new targets. He aims to translate this knowledge into new methods to prevent or treat infections. 

The three core areas of this virological research focus on the structure of viruses and receptors, the multiplication and composition of viruses and the development of antiviral drugs. 

Excellent scientist and inspiration
The jury called Hurdiss an excellent scientist who is rapidly gaining a top position in the virological research field, but also an inspiration for young researchers. He shares his work via social media, reaching a wide, international audience. 

"I’m delighted to receive the 2023 Beijerinck Premium. This award will help me to achieve my goal of building an inclusive, world-leading structural virology research group that does science for the benefit of society.” - Daniel Hurdiss

virus particles
Virus particles bound to their cellular receptor, visualised using cryogenic electron microscopy

About the prize
The Beijerinck Prize, established in 2002, recognises talented researchers at the beginning of their careers who are conducting excellent virus-oriented research and thus setting an example for other young virologists. The Beijerinck Prize is awarded annually. The laureate receives a cash prize of €25,000, to be spent on virus-oriented research.

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