UU devotes maximum effort to thermal energy storage for heating and cooling

warmte en koude opslag
Thermal energy storage for heating and cooling

This firm climate target is set out in the Strategic Plan for 2016-2020 and fits in with the University’s exemplary role. To realise the further sustainability of energy generation, the ‘Future vision for increased sustainability of the energy supply’ was recently drawn up.

As part of this vision, the university will be focusing on a so-called maximum thermal energy storage strategy: the thermal energy storage system will be used to supply the heating and cooling in all new buildings and renovation projects at Utrecht University. The decision has also been made to devote maximum efforts to generating sustainable energy in buildings and on university property. This puts Utrecht University at the forefront when it comes to shaping the transition to sustainable energy.

One expression of this is the Thermal Energy Storage Sustainability Award (WKO Duurzaamheid Award) that Utrecht University received from the user platform bodemenergie in 2017. Read more about the maximum thermal energy storage strategy in the interview in Ensoc Magazine with Fréderique Houben, Head of the Task Group and Programme Manager at Energie.

Extensive experience with thermal energy storage has already been gained in the northwest cluster of USP De Uithof and through connecting the LSI building to a thermal energy storage system. Watch the video clip.