26 February 2018

UtrechtInc in top 10 global university business incubators

UtrechtInc belongs to the best university incubators in the world. This was announced last week in Toronto during the World Incubation Summit. UtrechtInc won the tenth place.The partnership of Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht, among others, hereby receives international recognition for their guidance to start-ups.

This year, UBI global defined 4 categories. UtrechtInc and YES!Delft  were respectively ranked 10 and 2 in the category: World Top Business Incubator – Affiliated with University.


UtrechtInc maintains a top position on the international international list by UBI Global and is glad to receive this recognition. Managing Director Jorg Kop: “We offer supporting programs to researchers of Utrecht University, Hogeschool Utrecht and UMC Utrecht to bring research to the market. This way, we contribute to the valorization of scientific knowledge and making this publicly accessible.” Since 2009 the incubator supported 184 startups.