29 July 2014

Thomas Mann’s ‘Joseph und seine Brüder’ translated in Dutch for first time by Thijs Pollmann

In October, the first Dutch translation of Thomas Mann’s Joseph und seine Brüder will be published. Prof. Thijs Pollmann, professor emeritus of Linguistics at Utrecht University, worked on the translation since his retirement in 2004. 

In Jozef en zijn broers (originally Joseph und seine Brüder), Thomas Mann retells the Biblical story of Joseph, Jaäkob’s favourite son. When his jealous brothers sell Joseph to a slave trader, he ends up in Egypt where he becomes the viceroy of the pharaoh. Years later, Joseph and his brothers meet again and reconcile. Jaäkob and his family move to Egypt in hope of a better life.

Thijs Pollmann worked the past ten years on the first translation of Mann’s novel, together with Henri Bloemen, Theo Kramer and Ellis Midden. Pollmann was Professor of Linguistics at Utrecht University and coordinator of the bachelor Language and Culture Studies.

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Title: Jozef en zijn broers 
Author(s): Thomas Mann, translated by Thijs Pollmann, Henri Bloemen, Theo Kramer and Ellis Midden
isbn: 978-9-028-42400-5
Prijs: €125
Uitgever: 2014, Uitgeverij Wereldbibliotheek