The Dutch Clinical NLP Workshop (DCNLP 2024)

Join us for the exciting third edition of the Dutch Clinical NLP Workshop (DCNLP 2024), proudly hosted by Utrecht University. This workshop is a good opportunity for synergy among professionals from healthcare institutions, academia, and the tech industry. Engage in the pioneering dialogue at the intersection of Dutch language processing and healthcare innovation!

Mark your calendars for June 24th! Utrecht University is thrilled to host the third edition of the Dutch Clinical NLP Workshop (DCNLP 2024). The workshop aims to foster a collaborative environment where participants from hospitals, academia, and the industry can exchange knowledge and catalyze innovations in NLP for healthcare. We invite researchers, clinicians, and industry experts to contribute abstracts that highlight advancements and applications of NLP in the healthcare domain. For submission guidelines and more details, visit our website.

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