11 April 2019

The Accelerator an asset to USP

Biotechnology companies Genmab and Merus are joining forces with Kadans Science Partner to develop "The Accelerator", a multi-tenant Life Sciences building located on the Utrecht Science Park.

Utrecht University, as landowner, is happy to contribute to this project. Chairman Anton Pijpers: "Life Sciences is one of the university's strategic themes. There is hardly a place in the world where so many leading institutions and companies in the field of Life Sciences are within walking distance of each other."

Unique design and collaboration
In this process, a unique design was created in which the wishes of the participating parties are optimally met. With this plan, the USP makes the next step in the development of a mature and dynamic Life Sciences environment where knowledge institutions and innovative companies meet and work together to find new solutions for a longer and healthier life.

The Accelerator is a wonderful addition.
Anton Pijpers onderaan trap
Chairman of the Executive Board

New chapterĀ 
The Accelerator is a wonderful new chapter in the further development of both biotechnology companies and the unique innovation ecosystem at the USP. In addition to housing for the listed companies Merus and Genmab, The Accelerator offers space to several companies in the Life Sciences sector that want to accelerate their development from start-up to scale-up.

Sustainability ambition BREEAM Excellent
The Accelerator is currently scheduled to be delivered in early 2022. Kadans Science Partner will realise the project with its partners cepezed, Deerns and BAM Bouw en Techniek. The building will be realised with a high sustainability ambition, BREEAM Excellent, and is located in a prominent location, close to the entrance of the Utrecht Science Park. Utrecht Science Park is one of the top science parks in the Netherlands and is a leader in the field of Life Sciences and Health.